Homeopathy is the most holistic approach to health imaginable! It takes a person’s entire life experience into account. If you’re not getting the results you want with your current health strategies, you’ve come to the right place!

Homeopathy is safe and nontoxic. When applied correctly, it does not act suppressively the way conventional medicine does. As such, it has the potential to heal at the deepest level and truly transform a person’s life.


Currently half a billion people globally use Homeopathy for their health care. They use it for everything from simple acute illnesses to longstanding chronic conditions. Homeopathy can reduce the susceptibility to disease, thereby preventing future illness. This is holistic medicine at its finest!

Testimonials for homeopathic treatment abound (see what my clients are saying about their experience on my Success Stories page). Watch Lauren’s success story in the video below. Pay particular attention to the results she gets with Homeopathy versus conventional treatments.


When I choose a homeopathic remedy for a client, I am matching the pattern of the person’s profile to the pattern of a remedy.  The profile includes physical, mental and emotional symptoms as well as personality traits and perceptions. In other words, I am trying to find the most similar mirror image among the hundreds of remedies available.The homeopathic remedy, selected on the basis of the person's unique characteristics, mirrors his or her state as closely as possible

You might ask, how can a remedy have mental and emotional symptoms and perceptions? Great question! Homeopathic remedies can produce these kinds of symptoms in addition to physical ones. To determine their effects, remedies are tested on healthy volunteers (the process is called a proving). These effects are observed and recorded. A fundamental principle of Homeopathy is that whatever effects a remedy can produce, it can also cure!


Homeopathic remedies are created from pure substances from Nature and are the most ecologically friendly form of medicine on the planet. Remedies fall into three general categories–Plant, Animal and Mineral–and can range from the most basic substance like table salt all the way to the rare and exotic.

In keeping with the laws of healing formulated by Homeopathy’s founder Samuel Hahnemann, remedies are diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously with impact). In fact, potencies beyond 12C are said to contain no trace of the original substance. As such, a remedy’s effects are vital or energetic, getting to the root of  disease in a person. iStock_000019614930XSmall homeopathic remedy In every case, the remedy I choose has a unique pattern that reflects the innermost imbalance of my client. Over the centuries, these patterns have been fleshed out by clinical experience as well as from provings.