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The Homeopathic Interview Sets Homeopathy Apart

The homeopathic interview is unlike anything you may have experienced in your health care encounters! Not only is it the springboard for your ongoing homeopathic treatment, it also gives you the opportunity to tell your story in detail unheard of by conventional standards. And the more detail you provide, the greater the chance of a successful outcome in your treatment!

In the homeopathic interview, as well as in sessions that follow, you are in the driver’s seat as you embark on thisHomeopathic Interview In The Driver's Seat journey to better health, a journey that also gives you the opportunity to discover the true essence of who you are. All along the way, my role as a homeopath is to be your GPS, helping you reveal how you view yourself and your place in the world. Very often these perceptions are at the root of your suffering. This self-awareness alone can kickstart your healing process and this deeper understanding of what makes you tick enables me to find a homeopathic remedy that resonates with you.

Any treatment that falls short of this–by only targeting symptoms in a one-size-fits-all manner–is unlikely to yield any deep, lasting results and is likely to be suppressive. Homeopathy’s dogged search for the deeper meaning of symptoms makes it the complete holistic package!

What to Expect from your Homeopathic Interview

Before your  first  consultation, we will most likely have had a brief get acquainted session on Skype. The purpose of this ‘discovery’ chat, besides getting acquainted, is to determine whether Homeopathy is the right strategy for you.

Questions for Homeopathic InterviewYou will be asked to fill out an information form prior to your first interview. On the form you will write down in as much detail as possible your presenting complaints, health history, as well as many aspects of yourself that you may never have been asked about before. In the interview we will use this information as a springboard to delve deeper.

The purpose of all of these questions is to uncover those characteristics–mental, emotional and physical–that make you unique. Questions include things like food desires and aversions, recurring dreams, factors that make your emotional upsets better and which side you experience your complaints on. Your answers are the start of mapping out a complete portrait of you as a unique individual.

The first consultation lasts approximately 2 hours. Should I need to ask you additional questions, I generally schedule a second, shorter session. Questions that arise from my analysis of your case can easily be asked and answered by email or phone. I typically conclude my analysis within 1-2 weeks.

Partnering to Get to the Root of your Health Problems

Getting to the Root of Who You Are

Ill health of any sort is a pattern of stuckness that can’t be broken. As partners, our goal in your homeopathic interview and beyond is to explore your thoughts, feelings and attitudes about your life and illness to get to the root of why you are stuck. This applies whether your problems are physical, emotional or mental, or a combination.

Additionally, there may be lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your symptoms or making them worse. As I take your case, I try to identify any such ‘maintaining causes’ and make recommendations on necessary changes.

With the newfound self-awareness, lifestyle recommendations and a homeopathic remedy customized for you, you will have the tools you need to turn your health around.

If you feel stuck in your state of health and are ready to dig deeper for some answers, contact me here and let’s talk!

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