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I never thought that I would have found a solution to my headaches. I have suffered from headaches since I was eleven years old and have taken every type of prescribed medication to find some type of relief. Speaking to Judith for just a few hours and taking one remedy specifically chosen for me was all it took to eliminate my years of suffering with headaches and other medical issues. I would recommend this type of whole body healing to anyone looking for a true cure for their problems. — D. M., Female, 31

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After being involved in the normal healthcare system for all my life and never realizing a significant improvement to my issues, I decided to try an alternative to the usual medical routine–Homeopathy. I was introduced to Judith by a good friend. Judith has a very unique way of introducing her patients to the holistic methods.

 After completing Judith’s detailed questionnaires, we set up an interview and held our first Skype person-to-person interview. This was very refreshing due to the way she conducted the interview and the in-depth questions in response to my questionnaire. I was impressed with her overall understanding and ability to interpret based on the information contained in the questionnaire and the interview. I felt that at the end of the first interview, Judith knew more about me and my overall health issues than the doctors I have been working with for about 10 years.

Judith’s effectiveness comes from her ability to combine her intuitive response with her skill interpreting the interviews and background information from the questionnaires to have a complete personalized profile. From this composite history, she then determines the homeopathic solution for the actual problems, not just fixing the symptoms.

 More important, Judith does not work to a prescribed protocol. She bases her response on what she hears and her knowledge of the facts. Judith has carved a very positive change in my life. I am currently a work in progress and we have made a few shifts in the treatment plan as the situation warranted, but as always with positive results.

 My wife and I thank Judith for becoming part of our lives. —M. A., Male, 68

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Homeopathy to me means liberation on the mental, emotional and physical level.  Prior to my homeopathic remedy, my left upper arm was frozen and I was unable to move it even for the slightest task without extremely limited motion and pain.  Churning emotions and replaying of past hurts took up a great deal of mind space, leaving little room to enjoy the simple things of life.  It has been over one year since my remedy and as I look back I am delighted…my arm is free!  I have come to understand through my remedy that it has been the liberation on the emotional/mental levels that has loosened up my physical symptoms.  This has all taken place because Judith gently led/leads me through a healing journey.  She most patiently listened to “my  story”, asking me questions to clarify points and dig deeper into myself.  It is most reassuring to have Judith guide me through the homeopathic healing process.  She answers my questions and challenges me to continue to dig deeper so that she can have a clearer view of what needs to be healed in my life. — P. M., Female, 61

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The original consultation with Judith was very thorough and it was not until she carefully reviewed her notes that she prescribed the remedy. Her ability to listen and filter the conversation amazed me.  She had the ability to refer to statements that I had made months earlier that I no longer recalled. I live at a distance from Judith and we had our sessions via Skype. The remedy that Judith chose for me has had a subtle and ongoing effect and I feel as though it has enabled me to move forward with my life. I would highly recommend Judith Doshi.  — J. N., Female, 55


What attracted me to Homeopathy was that it offers an individual based treatment instead of a treatment that is tailored for everyone.  Since starting I have gained health and mental focus.  The treatment also takes into account a person’s emotional state, which in my case the treatment has helped a lot.  Working with Judith has been a rewarding and therapeutic process.  I live long distance from Judith but using video chat and e-mail has not hindered the treatment process at all.  In fact, it is great to be able to do this from the comfort of your own home.  I would recommend Judith Doshi to anyone! –R. W., Male, 25


I found Judith to be very easy to talk to because she listened to everything I said without judging me. I  used to cry over anything. I didn’t want to face any bad memories and so I tried to run from them by trying to mentally block them and told myself that they never happened. But instead of feeling free from this exercise I felt depressed and would get mood swings of sadness and artificial happiness. But after being on the remedy Judith chose for me, I notice that I feel calmer and not as frustrated with life. But most importantly I have been able to face my past and have resolved those issues which before taking the remedy I would never have been able to face or settle. — D.M, Female, 17