This page is dedicated to my new clients and those of you exploring the possibility of undergoing homeopathic care. Welcome to my practice and congratulations on taking a very important step toward ensuring that your future is as healthy as it can possibly be! Homeopathy may be strange and new for you but believe me when I say that its rewards are beyond measure!


Homeopathic treatment is totally focused on your healing and personal growth, with you and I working in a true partnership to achieve those goals. I cannot overstress that the more you engage in this process, the better the results you will achieve. Real health comes from achieving balance deep within the organism, and not from suppressing external symptoms, the inevitable result of most conventional approaches.


In my experience, those who have achieved positive results from homeopathic care have met two criteria.

1. They realize that their health goals are not being met by conventional approaches.

2. They are willing to take a deeper look at themselves and be ready to accept change in their lives.

The beauty of homeopathic therapy is that it can be taken alongside conventional treatments.

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Homeopathy is not a miracle cure, a quick fix nor does it deliver instant results. What it can do over time is strengthen your constitution and make you less susceptible to becoming chronically ill over the course of your lifetime. Each one of us is born with the potential to fall ill over the course of our lives in specific ways. This blueprint for health is determined by our inheritance from previous generations and by the circumstances we encounter over the course of our lives. Successful homeopathic treatment frees us from the burden of these influences.


Blue Water RipplesAs you begin your healing journey, my commitment to you is to work as hard as I can to facilitate your healing process. I will do this first by selecting a homeopathic remedy or series of remedies that resonate with your innermost state. Just as important, I will carefully manage your ongoing progress as your healing unfolds. I will work with you to achieve the best outcome over time, one that gives you the freedom to live your life to the fullest extent possible.


You need to recognize that healing a lifetime’s worth of hurts, conditions and symptoms—many of which have been suppressed with conventional treatments—takes considerable time, effort and patience. If you are the type of person who wants instant results then Homeopathy may not be for you. Any treatment that promises fast relief for chronic ailments is likely suppressive and can potentially damage your long term health.hourglass

Also, you should know that homeopathic healing is not always a smooth ride. You can expect some bumps along the way. These take the form of a worsening of your existing symptoms or the return of old symptoms. The worsening can happen shortly after taking your remedies or much later as the imbalance in your system works its way out to the surface. These aggravations are usually short lived.


Your role in the healing process is critical. You are a full partner in achieving the change you desire. During consultations you need to be as forthcoming as you can. The more information you provide, the easier itiStock_000000988099XSmall Diary girl is for me to select a suitable remedy for you and to support you as you move toward a healthier state.

One of the great benefits of homeopathic treatment is that it fosters self-awareness. After you begin taking your remedy I ask that you be as observant as possible of any changes in your symptoms that occur, from the smallest detail to how you feel overall. I encourage you to keep a journal as you track the changes over time.

Always feel free to ask me any question that may arise over the course of our work together. Homeopathic treatment is a life changing process. I cannot stress too much that the longer you stay with the process, the better the results you will achieve. I ask that you commit to a minimum of six months (after you take your first remedy) of homeopathic treatment with me.

Thank you for selecting me to guide you in your homeopathic healing experience! I look forward to a fruitful partnership that hopefully will reward you with the freedom of better health!